Announcement from the Chair of Council

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Announcement from the Chair of Council

On behalf of the Council of Camberwell Girls Grammar School, it gives me great pleasure in announcing the unanimous decision to extend the contract period of our Principal, Mrs Debbie Dunwoody.

This new contract extension will see Mrs Dunwoody continue in her role as Principal until the end of the 2024 academic year. This decision is important as it will ensure that Camberwell Girls Grammar School continues its history of strong leadership. In addition, this extension incorporates the celebratory period when the School will mark its Centenary year in 2020.

As a passionate educator with almost four decades in the industry, Mrs Dunwoody has embraced and enhanced the School’s deep commitment of empowering girls. Her wealth of experience and guidance continues to ensure that Camberwell girls are not only enthusiastic participants in the boundless opportunities available to young women in the 21st Century, but they may also be the creators of their futures.

Mrs Dunwoody is just the sixth Principal of Camberwell Girls Grammar School and is highly regarded as a visionary educative leader, not only domestically here in Melbourne and Victoria, but also nationally and internationally. This recognition is demonstrated by her involvement in key national and international educational engagements. Mrs Dunwoody is the Victorian Representative on the Anglican Schools Australia Management Committee and is an Independent Schools Victoria participant in the distinguished Leading Learning that Matters project with Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education in the USA. Mrs Dunwoody’s membership of these and other groups is not only beneficial to our students, but also to the broader education of girls in Australia.

Our Vision at Camberwell Girls Grammar School is to be a leader and innovator in the education of girls, dedicated to fostering a passion for learning and building a more just and sustainable world. Through our Principal, Mrs Dunwoody and her exemplary teaching cohort, this Vision is immersed in the curriculum and daily operations of the School.  Mrs Dunwoody, enriches this Vision through the building of a warm, caring and inclusive environment in which our educators may innovate and our students flourish.

I join with the entire community of Camberwell Girls Grammar School in thanking Mrs Dunwoody for her unwavering commitment to the School over the last four years and we look forward to her continued commitment in the years to come.  We congratulate Mrs Dunwoody on this announcement and offer her support as our Principal.

David Kollmorgen
Chair of Council

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