Junior School



Junior School

Welcome back
Welcome to the 2018 school year! I would like to extend a warm welcome to our families whom we have had a long term association with and to those families who have joined our Ormiston school community this year. A special welcome is extended to the new students in Early Learning and Foundation – Year 6 who have attended school this week. Congratulations to our Foundation students who have this week started their official first year of Primary schooling. I was delighted to see so many families and students with smiles on their faces on their first day of school.

New Foundation – Year 6 Ormiston Students
At our Junior School Assembly this week and next week, all new Foundation – Year 6 students will receive an Ormiston badge in front of our School community. Please join me in welcoming these students:

Elfie Fan
Annabelle Teh
Estella Ouyang
Ivy Xie
Chloe Zhang
Victoria Zhou

Year 1
Semaya Kaur
Chloe Hu
Aiying Wang

Year 2
Christine Moi
Alisha Lagana

Year 3
Chloris Ding
Natalie Knowles
Preesha Navaneetharaja
Sharon Woods

Year 4
Lynn Lim
Yasmin Taghdir

Year 5
Jessie Chen
Isabel Chen
Ayla Chetty
Lucy Lu
Monique Desai
Sarah May
Debbie Guan
Jessica Wu
Phien Hguyen
Isabel Sootoh
Suwedha Ranjith
Emily Wang

Year 6
Chloe Chan
Heidi Lim
Yilia Qian
Jessica Zhang
Suri Chen
Mia Paulse


New Staff at Ormiston
This year we have appointed four new staff members at Ormiston. They are:

Zoe Swindells – Early Learning

Karen Coom – Foundation

Lisa White – Learning Enrichment

Charlotte Forwood – Learning Enrichment

More information on each of these staff members will be presented in future newsletters.


Ormiston Staffing
Here is our Ormiston Team for 2018

Early Learning 3 – Zoe Swindells, Effie Kitsiris & Neroli Bowyer-Smyth

Early Learning 4 (Full Time) – Angela Follacchio & Dan Xue Lu

Early Learning 4 (Part Time) – Lilian Bishop

Relief Early Learning Assistant – Neroli Bowyer-Smyth

Foundation – Karen Coom & Heather Scarff

Year 1 – Katrina Cheong & Miranda Jackson

Year 2 – Kathryn Brandt & Selena Reedman

Year 3 – Angela Columbine & Rebecca Leondidis

Year 4 – Emma Hinchliffe & Michelle Kalus

Year 5 – Anjali De Quadros, Melissa Donelly & Liz Ruffles

Year 6 – Nancy Robottom & Craig Goodwin

Art – Fiona Gibson

Chinese – Scarlett Zhang & Peipei Lu

French – Jo Rittey & Miriam Hoffman

Library – Jo Whiffin

Music – Nichole Adams & Penny Byrne

Choir – Jessica Huggett

Physical Education – Kerry O’Callaghan, Nareen Robinson & Dot Georgiev

STEAM – Penny Dumsday & Annabelle Vivarini

Learning Enrichment – Roula Duggan (Head of Learning Enrichment), Lisa White, Charlotte Forwood & Paul Donohue


Year 6G School Leaders Assembly
Every year our Year 6 students get the opportunity to experience a leadership position either in Semester One or Semester Two. For Semester One, Mr Goodwin’s class will be appointed the Year 6 leadership positions and in Semester Two, Mrs Robottom’s class will be appointed the Year 6 leadership positions.

There will be a Leadership Assembly on Wednesday 14 February at 8.40-9.15am in the Junior School Hall. All Year 6G parents are invited to attend this special assembly.


Foundation – Year 6 Meet The Teacher Evening
I would like to remind parents that our start of the year Meet The Teacher Evening is coming up in Week 3 on Tuesday 13 February. Both events will run on the same evening and are outlined as follows:

Foundation – Year 3 from 5.00 – 6.30pm

Years 4 – 6 from 7.00 – 8.30pm

I look forward to parents attend these two important school events.


It has been a wonderful start to the 2018 school year and I wish all our Ormiston families a restful weekend and look forward to seeing everyone back at school ready for Monday. I also look forward to seeing you all at the Summer Spectacular next Saturday.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School