2018 School Leaders Inducted

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2018 School Leaders Inducted

2018 School Leaders Inducted

The annual Induction of School Leaders Service is a significant event in the Camberwell Girls Grammar School calendar.

Each year we hold Senior and Junior School ceremonies to formally induct and honour Camberwell girls into both School and House Leadership roles.

In February, it was a delight to welcome families to the School to witness these students make their pledge to uphold our School Values and to work enthusiastically towards ensuring each area is suitably guided throughout the year.

We congratulate the following students who hold significant School Leadership Roles in 2018.

School Captains

Senior School Captain Lydia Baird

Senior School Vice Captain Molly Ewens

Senior School Vice Captain Sarah MacKinnon

Junior School Captain Ava Lillehagen

Junior School Captain Anneke Bray


Senior School

Debating Captains Alanna Chew Lee, Kiana Fotoohabadi

Drama Captains Nina D’Souza, Sian Stuckey

Education Outdoors Captains Isabella Lincke, Tilly Kutey

Environment Captain Meg Billson

Faith and Worship Captain Natasha Parsons

International Captains Jessica Lu, Crystal Wu

Lawrence House Captains Amy Peng, Minami Sakaida

Literature Captains Claire Bernabe, Katia Testarotta

Marcian Editors Charlotte Abbott, Isobel Arnot

Mentor Captains Maggie Robinson, Alexandra Sevo

Music Captains Carina Chen, Samantha Wong

Reconciliation Captains Hannah Moran, Isabelle Rawson

School Tours Captains Krystal Shang, Alexandra Sherrin, Natasha Tucker

School Wellbeing Captains Paula Diamand, Ellie Zhou

Service Learning Captains Ashika Mapa, Isabella Nielsen

Schofield House Captains Cindy Huynh, Leah Atalis

Singleton House Captains Olivia Benetton, Selina Duan

Sports Captains Kate Sturzaker, Yasmin Tawfik

Student Council Chair Veda Surapaneni

Taylor House Captains Brielle Schumann, Jordyn Beggs

Junior School

Art Leaders Dora Hu, Heidi Lim

Assembly & Events Leaders Nancy Ma, Katherine Mason

Lawrence House Leader Sienna Lonetti

Library Leaders Alisha Catena, Jessica Zhang

Music Leaders Katrina Tong, Sofia Sanfilippo

Schofield House Leader Madeleine Yim

Singleton House Leader Zoe Brisk

Social Service Leaders Yilia Qian, Emily Growse

Sustainability Leaders Madeleine Goodman, Chloe Chan

Taylor House Leader Isabella Wood

Wellbeing Leaders Ella Xue, Xixi Yang

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