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Junior School

Foundation to Year 6 Choral and Instrumental Concert
Last Thursday evening, every student from Foundation to Year 6 participated in our Semester One Choral and Instrumental Concert. It was a wonderful opportunity for our 200 students to perform on a large stage in front of hundreds of people from our own school community.

This year our Ormiston Music Program continues to break records. We currently have 103 students from Foundation to Year 6 that have private music tuition. Put simply, just over 50% of our students learn to play a musical instrument at Junior School and on top of that, over one third of these students learn either a second instrument or participate in our popular Speech & Drama program with Cara Whitehouse. This is an outstanding achievement for our Junior School and we appreciate the support that our Ormiston families give to our music programs.


Early Learning 3 to Year 6 – Winter Warmth Appeal
Over the last four weeks, students from across all year levels have been bringing a range of items to school for the charity Anglicare. These have included, clothes, toiletries, perishable food and drinks that can be given to people and families that need some help and support during the colder winter months. Today at our Winter Warmth Appeal Assembly, Craig Goodwin organised Meleea Wood from Anglicare to come to Ormiston and speak to students and the school community about how they help and support others. Meleea said that Anglicare help over 80,000 Victorians all across the state each year, and this year our large donation will help local families here in Melbourne during one of the most difficult times of the year for many disadvantaged people.

I would like to thank our Ormiston Student Council for all their work that they have put into this project to make it so successful. Also a big thank you must go to our Social Service leaders Tanya Sevo, Olivia Petrakis and Ella Hiramatsu. These three students have done a great job in encouraging our school community to be actively involved. Additionally, I would like to thank Michelle Kalus and Craig Goodwin for their extra work in organising this important annual project and assembly for the end of term. It was also wonderful to see our Year 1 students get involved in our assembly today and talk about their Unit of Inquiry titled, Tiny Giants.

Foundation – Animal Expo
Last Friday the Foundation students held their Animal Expo to showcase for the school community the learning they have undertaken about Australian animals this term. The girls enjoyed interacting with others using their question cubes and puppet pals presentations and felt proud of their efforts and achievements. ~ Heather Scarff and Selena Reedman, Foundation Class Teachers

Year 1 Excursion – IMAX and Melbourne Museum
On Wednesday 7 June, Year 1 visited the Melbourne Museum to attend the Bugs Alive exhibition. We explored rooms filled with tiny insects and bugs including spiders, stick insects, butterflies and dung beetles. We held insects encased in resin and used magnifying glasses to look at the details on their legs, wings and bodies. We also watched an incredible 3D movie called ‘Flight of the Butterflies’ at IMAX. This showed the remarkable journey of scientist Dr Fred Urquhart and his quest to find where the Monarch Butterfly migrated each year. The film was beautiful and fascinating and we learnt what an impressive “tiny giant” the butterfly really is. ~ Michelle Kalus and Miranda Jackson, Year 1 Class Teachers

Early Learning 3
During morning tea and lunch, the children have initiated numerous discussions about food and where they get the food that they eat, that is, where does the food come from before it arrives at the supermarket and gets put in their morning tea and lunch box. These conversations demonstrate the children’s curiosity, their sense of wonder and their ability to question. This curiosity provoked discussions about strawberries and jam, flour and bread, cows and milk, apples and trees and honey and bees. To support this interest, we read The Little Red Hen and The Gingerbread Man and discovered the ingredients required and the process involved to make bread and gingerbread. Throughout this term we have shared multiple stories about the Gingerbread Man and these provided different perspectives, characters and conclusions. This week the children made and baked their own gingerbread person. They were involved in the whole process – they wrote a list of ingredients, organised the cooking equipment required and measured and combined ingredients – stirred, mixed, kneaded and rolled. This experience involved literacy concepts (reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing), the use of a range of text (recipe, shopping list), mathematical concepts (measurement, comparison, number) and science concepts (changes to ingredients when they are combined). The children were encouraged to use multiple languages, for example, drawing, dialogue and the iPod to take photographs and clips, as a way to document aspects of this learning experience for further discussion and reflection. To conclude this experience, the children watched a visual and auditory story about The Gingerbread Man.

These learning opportunities demonstrate how the educational approach of STEAM can be used to guide student inquiry in the early years. ~ Angela Follacchio, Early Learning 3 Teacher & Team Leader

Year 4 – History Alive! Exhibition
During term 2 the students in Year 4 have been learning about how an accurate knowledge of Australia’s past helps us to be good citizens of Australia. To share their learning, the students transformed Robinson Hall into historical museum. Student exhibits included: Board and dice games, iMovies, movie trailers, dioramas, scratch games, maps, robotics, artworks and stories. Visitors were encouraged to participate in a range of learning activities and collected stickers each time they completed one. The students reflected on their learning by contributing to a shared mural that explained how Australia’s citizens can learn from the past. Visitors to the exhibition also contributed a finger print border around the artwork.

Students’ reflection:

The Year 4 History Alive Expo took place last Tuesday. We all enjoyed researching and learning about what life was like almost 250 years ago! We had to try to come up with a deep question that had to fit into the different categories of the environment, exploration before settlement, exploration after settlement, impact on the Aboriginals and the life of convicts. We worked very hard to try and make an expo stall that was interactive and was completed within the time limit. We hope all of the students, parents and teachers that visited the History Alive Expo enjoyed it and learnt a lot about life in the past. ~ Cate Mead and Nyree Missakian, Year 4R

Year 6 Helping Hands Day
The Year 6 students came together on Tuesday this week to present their projects for Helping Hands Day. The students had spent the last 5 weeks collaborating on a service learning project that would raise awareness around the important issue of homelessness and the need for us, as citizens of a community, to be useful in the service of others.

The initial step required the students to research a social enterprise, such as OzHarvest, SecondBite or Pinchapoo. Students were then asked to work in small teams to brainstorm why the community should help that social enterprise through a fundraising event. Each group had to find 25 possible ideas and select their preferred three. This took tact, patience, kindness and creativity for all concerned, particularly when people didn’t see eye to eye.

Once these discussions had taken place, each team was given a budget of $25 by the school to turn it in to as much money as possible for their chosen social enterprise. As a result of this process, the activities on Tuesday were inventive, educational and engaging.  The staff, students and parents who attended all commented on the manner in which their awareness was raised and, in the process, greater empathy felt for those less fortunate. ~ Craig Goodwin and Katrina Cheong, Year 6 Class Teachers

Year 6 Transition Week at Senior School
In Week 10 of Term 2 the Year 6 students of Ormiston spent a fabulous week at Senior School. As part of the orientation process the students spent the week in the Anne Feehan Building, located near a variety of key locations within a short walk. Whilst the MakerSpace, Senior School Library and the oval were popular, nothing compared to the Fig Tree Café!

There were other experiences that the students reflected upon at the end of the week. Below is just a small sample of the thoughts from our Ormiston students:


Something that sticks with me…

“Something that I experienced that will stick with me is the new friendships I gained throughout this experience.” ~ Lily Diaz

“Something that will resonate with me is the kindness of the senior school teachers.” ~ Allanah Lam

“Pinwheel and Co giving us free chips. It’s not that I got the food but that the people who work there were so kind and thoughtful to be thinking of us Year 6s.” ~ Scarlett Giang

“Something that stuck with me was that the senior school girls were so friendly and they can be so helpful when you are stuck.” ~ Olivia Petrakis

“Something that will stick with me is learning about shampoo in science because we got to experiment.” ~ Lucy Torre

“I’ve learnt about doing everything on time and saying ‘Good morning,’ to people makes a good first impression.” ~ Iris Yang

“Something that will stick with me from this experience is having the freedom to move around and to be able to manage our time.” ~ Ally Strong

Some of the things the students were looking forward to next year were hands on learning experiences, as well as utilising the Makerspace and Science labs to investigate, create and innovate! The relationships that were further strengthened throughout the week with Senior School staff and students will also be built upon.

Thank you to all of the Senior School staff, students and administration team for welcoming us. ~ Craig Goodwin and Katrina Cheong, Year 6 Class Teachers

Lost Oboe
This week a Junior School student has lost her oboe at the Senior School swimming pool on Wednesday morning from 6.45-8.00am. Here is the description of the oboe:

Description:  Black hard case (similar to a laptop case – also similar in size); Yellow tag with name: Eleanor Cowell Year 4R

If anyone knows any information in regards to where this oboe could be, please let the Junior School Reception know as soon as possible.


The Playground Gate (Mountfield Street)
Every morning from 8.10-8.25am the playground gate at the back of the Junior School campus (on Mountfield Street) is always unlocked by the teacher on yard duty. Beginning in Term 3, this gate will now be locked at all times before school. A notice will be placed on the gate for the first three weeks of the term to remind families that it will be locked and not opened. All students and families will need to use the back Oak Street gate with the combination. If you have any questions, please let the Junior School Reception know.


I wish all Ormiston families a restful school holiday and I look forward to seeing all students back on Term 3 Day 2 on Tuesday 18 July. I ask parents to please remember that Monday 17 July is a Staff Professional Learning Day with no students.


Best Wishes,

Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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