Junior School


Junior School

Foundation – Year 2 Swim Carnival
After a term of swimming lessons, the Foundation – Year 2 students were involved in a Swim Carnival at the Senior School swimming pool. All students from these year levels participated in a wide range of events that reflected their swimming ability in the water. It was lovely to see so many students swim across the pool with so much confidence in both freestyle and backstroke. Some fun and non-competitive activities were also organised for students that were at the early stages of learning to swim. I would like to congratulate and thank our Physical Education teachers Kerry O’Callaghan and Nareen Robinson for organising the event and Peter Kitney our CGGS Swim Coach for helping throughout the morning. Also to our helpers in the water and our Junior School Sport Leaders Scarlett Giang and Sally Chen. As a School, we look forward to seeing many students represent Camberwell Girls in future swimming competitions.

Ruyton Encouragement Swim Meet
A big well done to our Years 5 and 6 students who competed at the recent Ruyton invitation swim carnival. Participating schools Ruyton, Fintona and Camberwell Girls put on a great show in the pool with smiles all round. The carnival provided a range of swims to suit the capability and confidence levels of all swimmers. In the case of our very own Camberwell Girls, our 15 representatives were very competitive with every girl took home a place ribbon, with fun had by all. This was a great concept and something that could be considered as a round robin series across these schools in the future. Once again, well done again to our Ormiston students. ~ Peter Kitney, CGGS Swim Coach

Year 1 Learning Celebration – The Mountfield Museum
This term, the Year 1s have explored the history of their beautiful Mountfield building. So, it was with great pride that the Year 1s opened their Mountfield Museum last week! The students were expert tour guides, taking their peers and teachers on a journey back in time. The tour began over 100 years ago when the Mountfield property was ten acres worth of farmland to when our chapel was a ballroom to school today. The girls excitedly shared how school and learning has also changed over time – thankfully, there are no more canes in classrooms!

Researching the history of the building which houses our classrooms gave great context to our overarching question – Why is history worth knowing?

Here are some of the Year 1 student thoughts:

– “If we didn’t share what we know, nobody would have the knowledge.”
– “We are very proud of our school and proud of its history.”
– “We can learn from our history about how to behave. It helps is to figure out what we should do.”
– “It helps us to understand why things are the way they are.”

~ Michelle Kalus Year 1K Class Teacher

Foundation to Year 6 Mountfield Maestros
I would like to congratulate the students that performed in our annual Mountfield Maestros in the Junior School Hall. It was wonderful to observe so many talented young musicians playing a musical instrument, or students having a go at singing a song. There were so many highlights throughout the different performances and it was Ormiston’s biggest ever Mountfield Maestros event with 26 performers. The performers were:

Laura Wan / Piano
Alyssa Li / Piano
Amiya Rajakulendran / Piano

Year 1
Nina Gan / Piano
Asha Bhattacharjee / Piano
Genevieve Khaw / Piano
YanJun Gan / Piano
Audrey Zhu / Piano
Rita Wong / Piano

Year 2
Chloe Lau / Piano

Year 3
Anneka Sinnappu / Piano
Rida Cao / Violin
Sophie Tong / Violin
Rithanyaa Prakash / Violin
Vicky Qiu / Piano
Selina Guan / Piano

Year 4
Deana Tang / Violin
Priyanka de Silva & Zara Verhgese / Vocal duet
Sarah Zhou / Violin

Year 5
Katherine Mason / Violin
Zoe Brisk / Violin
Katrina Tong / Violin
Clarissa Wong / Cello
Kiki Page / Violin

Year 6
Jasmine Wan / Piano
Iris Yang / Piano

Thank you to our Junior School Music teachers Nichole Adams, Cathy Georgiev and Penny Byrne for all their work in planning and preparing this important musical event. I look forward to keeping a close eye on the above students when performing in front of school audiences.

Elise Hurst – Artist, Illustrator and Author Visit
This week the Australian artist, illustrator and author Elise Hurst was invited to speak with Ormiston parents and our Years 5 and 6 students about her picture fiction books. Elise had a clear focus throughout her two sessions which was for parents and students to use their imaginations when reading books and drawing pictures. Elise encouraged parents to look beyond the words of stories and to look closely at the pictures and illustrations of books to enhance the storyline and/or theme.

Additionally, Elise spoke to our Years 5 and 6 students in regards to how a story is developed from the beginning and the different steps involved in getting an author’s ideas down on paper either in words and/or illustrations. This session was excellent preparation for our Year 6 students when they develop their own picture fiction book as part of their Library program this year.


Hugh Evans Visit
Hugh Evans has inspired me to really change the world. First of all you need to find something you are truly passionate about. If I really believe in something, anything can happen. I need to believe in myself. Now, I really want to make a difference in our society and be a global citizen. I am only 11 years old, but I’ve learnt that my age shouldn’t mean I can’t create change because that is untrue. I want to dedicate my life to changing the world, like Hugh Evans. One step at a time. Believe in yourself and don’t let the negative voices stop you. ~ Scarlett Giang, Year 6G


Year 6 ImagiNATION Excursion
This was a really good excursion and was definitely worth it. It’s way more powerful to see a live speech rather than seeing something on a screen. When you see a person actually standing there, you feel more close to them and can then form connections between yourself and the speakers. One of the connections I made was with Jade Hameister. She mentioned that nowadays, young people feel more pressure to be perfect and can be anxious about others’ opinions and expectations. I once was really distressed about these pressures – what others thought of me and what my parents wanted me to be because I have other things that I love which they didn’t really expect.  Jade’s words about being brave and the fact that nobody is perfect inspired me a lot.

Another person that really inspired me was Josh Richards. He spent a lot of his time trying different things which I think is really cool. I think it takes courage to do that. I am always thinking that I need to find something that I am passionate about so I can live a good life. He inspired me that you can try anything you want to, and it’s all right if you change the thing that you initially wanted to do. ~ Iris Yang, Year 6C

How old do you have to be to be a leader? 24 years old, 54 years old? Leadership is open to anyone, you can be a leader at the age of 12. The actions of Jade Hameister has opened my eyes to let me do anything I want, providing that I can be brave, not perfect. I feel inspired. Inspired to be anything I want.
~ Ella Hiramatsu, Year 6G

Year 6 Camp at Lady Northcote
During camp an activity that stood out for me was orienteering. It not only taught me about the importance of cooperation but it taught me about the importance of recognising the skills of others in your group. In my group Lily was a great map-reader and Lisa and I both were great at finding the letters.

From my camping experience I feel that nowadays in school I will confidently play with others that aren’t as close during recess and lunch. Camp has been a great learning experience for me to go out of my comfort zone. ~ Olivia Petrakis, Year 6G

My first key moment was when Sally, Wendy, Iris and I were in a group doing geocaching. This was a key moment because it taught me how to work better when I’m in a team and also to learn more about my team members – what their skills are and what everyone is good at and what everyone is not so good at. It also taught me how to use a GPS better and it made all of us have quite a bit of exercise from walking/running up and down the hills. While doing the activity, it also helped me learn how to communicate better with others. ~ Lily Ning, Year 6C

It is hard to believe that Term 1 is over for another year. What a wonderful term of learning it has been at Ormiston and it has gone very quickly. I would like to wish all our students, staff and families a restful Easter holiday break. Thank you to everyone for all their support over the term and we look forward to starting Term 2 in just over two weeks.


Yours sincerely,


Paul Donohue
Head of Junior School

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